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EZ Build Masonry Construction

FREE Project Review / Proposal - Art: 415 488 4044 / [email protected] 

Scroll Down for In-Depth Photos and Build-It Descriptions

CSLB: 895622

At Page Bottom - ​See Affordable - DIY Pressure Injection Grout and Mortar Hand Tools... with Video! 

ART BURTIS: Designer | Installer - Several Decades of Hands-On Masonry, Tile and Concrete Building Expertise! 

Call / Text "Art": 415 488 4044.  Email: [email protected] - Please include description, photos, name and phone.  

Marin County is my predominant work area.  I travel out of county for certain projects. 

Customer desires and needs deeply honored. I provide comprehensive cost proposals and design guidance.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to build a beautiful product for you!

Artistic Designs Created and Standard Construction-Building Installed *** Masonry | Concrete | Tile | Stucco

Brick, Block, Field Stone, Flagstone and Pavers - See unique photos!

All Sizes and Structures | Artistic and Architectural - I Accomplish Your Project!!

Experienced "Expert Builder": Exterior and Interior - Masonry, Concrete, Tile and Stucco!

Build-New, Restore, Repair, Replace, Maintain

Masonry Tile and Concrete Material "Hard-Scape" [Property Landscape] Specialist - You will be pleased.

Decades of Quality Work and Building Experience Really Counts!

My Background:

SEE PHOTOS: Me standing in front of one of many fireplaces I built - 13th photo. 14th photo is wife and I in front of a huge stone fireplace I built, with wood stove to its rear and tall stone chimney... my stone creation there is major portion of that three story house-support structure.

Residential and Commercial | Artistic, Custom or Standard Building Needs - - You Name It - - I'll Construct It:

Build New - Restore - Repair - Replace - or, Maintain In Original Condition!

I'm always pleased to counsel you regarding design, layout, materials and on-site building's conditions.

Large, Medium or Small Projects - - Free Estimate | Fair Prices | Consistent Communications | Fast Turnaround | Clean Performance | Good Outcome

FOUR DECADES EXPERIENCE - - Restoration | Repair | Maintenance | NEW Construction - - With or Without Drawings and/or Architectural/Engineered Plans. Tell Me Your Vision... I Can Create It!

West Marin is my home. I construct projects in: Marin and adjacent areas.

PROJECT TYPES: Foundations | Planters | BBQ's, Pizza Ovens, Fire Pits | Driveways, Walkways | Entry Pillars | Fireplaces,

Chimneys | Pool - tile, deck, coping, calking | Patios | Full Buildings | Wainscoting - veneer or structural | Stoops | Counters | Showers | Kitchens | Thin-Brick wall facings [e.g. Z-Brick] | Stucco - new application or repair/restore | All Retaining Walls [any type of masonry material - also, concrete, wood or metal posts with wood or concrete slats]

I can accomplish anything you want, need or desire in masonry building on your home or property

All Size Jobs - - Decades of Professional Hands-On Work Experience in Masonry | Tile | Concrete | Stucco = Great Project Outcome at a Fair Price.

EXPERT at INSTALLING - - Full Dimension Brick or Stone Walls/Posts/Columns, Thin-Brick Veneer, Ground Level "Paver" Bricks/Slabs, Concrete Block Walls, Glass Blocks, Specially Molded Treads and Caps - - As well as... Field Stone and Ledge Stone (dry stacked without mortar or wet stacked with mortar) in Veneer Stone or Gravity Stone Layups | Blue-Stone, Arizona and other types of Flagstone | Cultured Stone | Slate | Floor, Wall, Pool Tile | Concrete | Stucco | Plaster

I AM a SPECIALIST: At Repairing/Restoring/Repointing - "Grout Joints" In Brick or Block Masonry and any type of Stones and Tile

I also Repair Concrete Slab or Wall Cracks | Voids | Pot-Holes | Uneven or Sunken Locations.

Call / Text Art Burtis: 415 488 4044  Email: [email protected]  Please include description, photos, name, phone.


FOR ALL CUSTOMERS - - ART BURTIS' EZ BUILD MASONRY COMPANY - - Will Build Your Desires, Wishes, or Needs at Reasonable Price!

PLEASE - DO NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

See patented EZ Build Masonry diy pressure injection grout and mortar hand tools.  Fun Video... Affordable Price!

Innovative, Helpful Masonry and Tile Tools